IELTS – International Testing System

IELTS is an international testing system to measure English language proficiency. It is recognized as evidence of proficiency in English by more than 10,000 institutions worldwide. It is also accepted by non-English speaking countries, where courses are taught in English. Many professional registration bodies and employers rely on IELTS as evidence of English language proficiency.

My Master, with decades of experience and expertise is a powerhouse in empowering anyone to score more in IELTS, by facilitating practices that enable ones language faculties get elevated to comprehension levels, in terms of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The creamy layer practice materials make the practitioner strengthened with powerful prepositions, articles that help to articulate apt sentences and loud reading practices for crystallized delivery while speaking. We also train for TOEFL, PTE and GETS.

GRE – Graduate Record Examination

It is a standardised test requirement for getting admissions in graduate schools in the US. Many Indian students are joining American universities and B Schools, and they need to show a higher power of learning already done at schools, through GRE test scores, which is valid for 5 years.

The faculties of My Master has the apt capabilities to help students brush up their analytical writing skills, verbal and quantitative reasoning capability in order get more scholarships for admissions to various programs in the US.

Duration: 30 hours, to be scheduled according to the convenience of the student and the faculty.

GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test

It is an assessment test to analytical writing and problem- solving abilities, addressing data sufficiency, logic and critical reasoning skills, vital to real-world business and management success. It is a part of the selection criteria for more than 5,900 programs offered by more than 2,100 universities and institution.

We, at My Masters’ support students to first understand what GMAT is meant for, and how systematic they have to organise their practice, in order to learn easy and gain mastery over the requirements of GMAT and beyond.

Duration: 30 hours, to be scheduled according to the convenience of the student and the faculty.

SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test

It is a standardised test widely used for college admissions in the US. It is a measuring tool for literacy and writing skills that are needed for academic success in college, particularly focusing towards the students’ analysis of a problem and its apt solution. The structure is designed as such, that the students are tested for critical reading, mathematics and writing under a tight time limit (speeded) to help produce a range of scores.

We help students to acquaint more of English, to get fit to do writing and reading in a more critical and time bound manner than at school. The math section will be clearly explained about its step by step treatment, and make them do it many number of times To create a neuronal pathway, facilitating speed maths, as time is crucial in SAT.

Duration: 30 hours, to be scheduled according to the convenience of the student and the faculty.